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This fabric is sold in half metre increments with a quantity of 1 being a half metre (50cm) and a quantity of 2 being one metre (100cms).  Any fabric that you order will be cut in one continious length, for example - if you order a quantity of 3, you will receive a 1.5 metre continious length.


50cm = 1 item

1m = 2 items

1.5m = 3 items

2m = 4 items

2.5m = 5 items

3m = 6 items

3.5m = 7 items

4m = 8 items

4.5m = 9 items

5m = 10 items

And so on...

Dice Black - Cotton Canvas

Only 1 left in stock
  • Composition: 100% Cotton
    Weight: 180 GSM
    Width: 150cm

    A great heavy duty woven fabric which could be used for cushion covers and bags, all whilst still being soft enough to use for heavy duty clothing and items such as pram liners.

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