This was an overprint of a custom order - obviously it's going to be difficult to find someone with the same name on the panel, however you could easily sew a patch over the top with maybe a co-ordinating stip of fabric or with your own name.


  • This panel is sold per piece which measures approximately 70cm wide by 95cm long.
  • The image is 50cm tall by 50cm wide (not including the name) The name is 22cm long by 9cm high.
  • The main image is centred in the middle of the panel and approximately 16cm up from the bottom. There is more room at the top of the design so that you can create a closure such as a drawstring for your Santa sack. From the top of the name to the edge of fabric is 21cm

Cat Santa Sack Panel - Cotton Twill (woven)

  • Composition: 100% Cotton Twill
    Weight: 140 GSM
    Width: 150cm